I recently presented at a high profile networking event, full of women in business. The theme was, Achieving Your Extraordinary.

My expectation was that I was being asked to talk about what it takes to run a strong and healthy business. After all, that’s what I help people to do. But no, the brief was – share your story of your extraordinary career. Clearly they had asked the wrong person! I’m no Karren Brady or Jo Malone. I’m good at what I do – see, I don’t have limiting beliefs – but I’m not extraordinary!

Putting together the presentation was much harder than I thought it would be. I enjoy presenting and I love the challenge of creating a story to present. So why did it feel so difficult. I realised I needed to believe that my story was extraordinary – and that’s where the block was.

Drawing on an NLP belief, Act As If, I set about creating the presentation. My career story reflects some false starts and some decisions that, with the benefit of hindsight, may have been the wrong ones, however, it also reflects plenty of brave moves, masses of learning and many wonderful experiences. When I framed it in terms of the number of clients I had helped, the countries I had worked in, the business books I had written and the chances I had seized I started to feel not so ordinary.

As a Business Owner you don’t readily have managers or peers to reassure you that your decisions are great, that your plans are inspiring or that you’re a brilliant person to work with. And needing a constant stream of reassurance wouldn’t be an ideal trait for the role. However, believing in your own extraordinary is a powerful thing. Your unique set of knowledge, skills, values, experience and personality are hard to beat. Take time to recognise and value them – and then leverage them in your business.

Why not take a look at these ways to defeat self-limiting beliefs, put together with Business Owners in mind. Which ones would work for you?


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