There is a lot being said about the doom and gloom of January. People are lamenting the gaping emptiness without Christmas celebrations, the pressure to give up alcohol or indeed anything else you enjoy and the sheer darkness of the mornings.

But I’m a big fan of January!

I love how uncluttered it is. Family members are back to predictable day to day routines. We have a long clear run at business before Easter interrupts the pace. There is no need to split your time and energies across far too many activities – present ideas and buying, extra social events and work.  And in the relative emptiness I see opportunities to start projects I’ve been meaning to get to and tasks I want to finish. I feel have time and choices – and those are precious. I’m determined to keep that feeling going. For me, in my business particularly, that means putting in place good processes and embedding productive habits.

I love walking and during the Christmas break I started using Audible to listen to business books rather than just zoning out to music. What a fantastic use of time that has turned out to be. I’ve been striding out to Atomic Habits by James Clear. The underlying principle is the compound effect of making marginal improvements in performance – and forming good habits is key to that success.

For someone who loves order, structure and models it’s heaven!

I have been conscious for a while that the very principles I work hard with my clients to implement in their businesses are often the ones I need to work on myself. Here a few snippets of wisdom that I nearly always have to drum home with clients:

  • Review your pricing regularly – and act on it.
  • Do a small amount of targeted marketing well rather than a variety of activities randomly.
  • Keep in touch with prospects.
  • Keep in touch with existing clients
  • Use templates where possible – even if you still need to personalise them occasionally.
  • Identify the routine activities and schedule them.
  • Outsource or delegate what you’re not best at. (Start with something small if you find this particularly hard).
  • Plan the business then plan the people

(To be fair, I’m good at some of these – but not all.)

Hopefully, I’m not alone in seeing January as a fantastic month. If you struggle to get to grips with it and can only see confusion and chaos in your business let’s talk!

February, however, is another matter. I need to do some work on keeping my spirits high for that one!

2 thoughts on “January is a great month!

  1. Great advice Grainne!

    I like January too for exactly the same reasons plus it’s my birthday month 😉

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