Being seen as a trusted adviser can be a fantastic part of your marketing strategy. It gives potential customers a chance to try before they buy and can work well for service and product businesses alike. But what do you do when all that helping doesn’t convert leads to sales

You know the story … You’ve been posting and advising and commenting and emailing all in the name of building trust. You’re hoping that your audience – who have loved all the free wisdom you’ve offered – will turn into customers. For some reason it just doesn’t happen.

We need to recognise that helping is also part of the sales process and, as such , it is a step – and it needs to be followed by another step. .

The ‘just hoping’ strategy rarely is enough. You need to test whether leads in your audience are interested in buying – now or at some point in the future.

How can you do that, naturally and confidently? Somewhere between helping and selling is a decision point. Your potential customers will reach that decision point when:

  1. The pain of the problem is real and disruptive.
  2. The need to change is unavoidable.
  3. The desire for the shiny new thing is compelling.

In sales your job is to help prospective customers make that decision. If you don’t ask where they are in that process you aren’t helping.

If you haven’t already, try building into your sales process the next step. To get you started, ask them these 2 questions,

‘Where are you at right now with …. (the problem your business solves)?’

‘What would help you move forward?’

Good luck.
(According to Deepak Chopra’s Laws of Success, ‘Good luck is nothing but preparedness and opportunity coming together’. Makes complete sense in sales – and in life!)

Keep taking steps!

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