How can you improve your chances of getting a buyer to say ‘YES’?

It’s often said that sales is a numbers game but it doesn’t have to be that random. If there is a clear need – and virtually no risk – you’ve cracked it!

There are some great books and pieces of research out there that can help us hone our sales activities and reduce the perceived risk for our potential buyers.

One very respected source is The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. In this classic book on influencing behaviour, Cialdini shares his research on the factors that make a person more likely to say yes to another person.

This is TOTALLY applicable to sales. If you haven’t come across the principles before here is the short version. The real power is in the combined effect of all of them rather than picking and choosing a couple.

  1. Reciprocity: People will give back to those who have given to them.
    In sales be generous with your help and advice.

  2. Authority: When we see signs of authority we assume there is good reason for them.
    In sales conversations – and in your marketing – find ways to show proof of your expertise.

  3. Commitment & consistency: Once people have made a choice they feel bound to behave consistently with that choice.
    In sales, by asking people what they would do if they took the next step you are encouraging them to think as though they already have – and to behave consistently with that decision! They are effectively moving themselves closer to buying.

  4. Scarcity: Opportunities seem more valuable if the supply is limited.
    In sales, this can be a limited time offer or quantity. (I’m sure we’ve all bought on the back of this one!)

  5. Liking: We are more likely to buy from people who we like/ who are similar to us.
    In sales, this can be through shared stories and experiences as well as showing understanding and empathy.

  6. Social proof: If a lot of people are doing something it must be the right thing to do!
    In sales, relatable case studies, testimonials and statistics can provide that reassurance and proof.

How could you use these in your sales strategy?

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