Do you worry that you’re not really different enough? Do you find yourself focusing on the shortcomings in your products or service more than the wonderful benefits they bring?

Too easily we can sabotage our own sales confidence – and not realise that we’re doing it.

It might sound like this …

There are lots of people who do what I do.’

‘I can’t charge more than I do because that’s the going rate.’

‘I’m just a standard …. (whatever you do).’

Some of you will know that I am a big fan of Oddbox veg. (You’re possibly struggling to see the connection here – but stay with me!) They deliver in the dark of night – for a good reason. With less traffic on the road their vans aren’t idling in jams creating unnecessary emissions. They don’t apologise for not delivering during the day, they make a virtue out of their choice to deliver at night.

And the same principle applies to our businesses. We need to focus on the specific benefits of what we offer and how we do what we do to deliver value to our clients – for the clients’ benefit and also for ours.

Be clear in your own head of the value of what you do – the reasons you charge more than the standard for your industry, the reasons you ask for people to book 6 appointments rather than 1, the reason it takes 3 weeks for you to complete the work not 3 days.

If you find yourself undermining your own service – stop and reframe it as the value you bring to your clients. Do you see the veg connection now?!

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