Sometimes things go quiet with prospects and clients for a good reason. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time for them to make a buying decision or they had just completed a sale with you and were happily ‘sorted’.

No doubt you’ll stay in their mind’s eye through marketing activities – newsletters, social media, events and so on.  And after a while you want to get back in touch. ‘Just seeing how things are going’ may work with existing clients but is unlikely to unleash a tsunami of opportunities with prospects! (It might even feel a bit lame to your loyal contacts.)

Let’s think from their perspective. What might be going on for them? What might be in their mind?

  • Their business has grown or changed and they need a different solution.
  • They are interested in the latest developments.
  • They still have the problem they had.
  • They like working with you!
  • They trust your insights.
  • They’re stuck!

These are all clues to how we could ignite the spark and rekindle the sales conversation.

What might that sound like for our prospects or clients?

  1. I have recently done some work with a client who has a similar challenge to the one you were struggling with and they found this useful … When we speak I can explain a bit more about how.

  2. I saw this and thought of you … What do you think?

  3. I have some thoughts about how you could tackle this … Let’s set up a call and I’ll walk you through them.

  4. I have used this approach myself for … problem and it has worked surprisingly well. Have you got 5 minutes to hear how I think it could work for you?

  5. I know you were hoping to achieve …  How far have you got? Let’s see if we can help move you forward.

  6. Since you and I last spoke we have developed a better/quicker/cheaper/easier/more effective … When would you like to see it?

  7. Have you had a chance to look at the other options?  What questions do you still have?  I believe I can help.

  8. I know this worked brilliantly for you and now we’ve added a feature which you were looking for. I’ll show you how it makes it even better.

  9. When we last spoke you said you would love to see … Good news! We’ve developed it.

  10. We would love your input on the version we plan to release. When are you free?

    And a bonus idea ….

  11. I know you like to be first in everything! We are going to be releasing the latest version of …. Shall we set up a time for me to show you how it works?

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