‘Coming soon’ is often used in marketing but how often does it convert to sales?

A picture of a cocktail at a local bar on my Insta feed, inviting me to book my table INDOORS, caught my eye – and lifted my spirits. It sowed a thought which led to a plan!

I phoned the bar but they were fully booked for the evening I wanted. Rather than just sympathise and let me go the girl said, ‘how about booking for another evening so you’re not disappointed again’. Brilliant! That is selling. It can be simple – a suggestion, a nudge – and, on the face of it, for my benefit.

In our digital world the line between marketing and sales can be pretty blurred. Hand on heart, do we plan sales activity to follow every marketing activity? Do we train all our customer facing team members to explore and to nurture leads – and even, as in this case, to convert them.

We know it takes investment – of time and money – to generate leads and we need to make sure we have the processes and the skills to move them smoothly through a sales process – and in a way which feels good to the customer.

A key goal of marketing is to generate interest but from there the sales function needs to seamlessly pick up the mantle. It can be an assessment call, a sales conversation, a demo, a show-around, a combination of these or, as in this case, just a gentle nudge.

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