Hello, I am Grainne Ridge, Owner of All About Results.

I coach and train Business Owners and their teams to build and run healthy businesses and to sell well.

Sales is not a dark art! It doesn’t need to manipulate or to con people. At its best it creates value – opportunities for efficiencies and growth, new services, healthier environments, collaborations, time-savings and many other benefits. As you can tell, I’m on a mission to change the perception of sales.

I have run All About Results since 2005, a choice I made, mostly, to allow me time to be around for my 2 daughters. Until then I had worked in the corporate world, 15 years at Mars Confectionery and, before that, Woodchester Investments and KPMG.

My time at Mars Confectionery was full of fantastic opportunities to explore different business roles and it was where I discovered that sales could be reputable! I started my career there in finance and finished it in sales. Ultimately, it allowed me to create a very personalised career and was the springboard to my business coaching and sales training consultancy.

Ironically perhaps, very few of my sales training clients have come from the FMCG sector. In fact many have been organisations in sectors where I had no previous experience! They include

The UK Hydrographic Office
Directory of Social Change
British Lung Foundation
Young’s Brewery
Venue Reading

In recent years I have come back to my confectionery roots to create a sales training framework for the field sales team at Perfetti Van Melle.

My absolute favourite projects are where I get to engage and collaborate with sales team members at every level of a business and create a perfect fit sales training solution – one which reflects their culture and the markets in which they sell. Knowing that when I hand over the reins to the team the new way of selling will become their way is immensely rewarding. It’s not surprising these solutions also tend to have the best, sustained business results.

My big learning has been that I am good at putting myself in others’ shoes, seeing the world from my clients’ customers eyes and getting to grips with the nuances of sales in their sectors.

Through some of these projects I have been fortunate to deliver sales training in Singapore, Denmark , Holland, Kenya and Australia – as well as the UK and Ireland – experiencing and learning from multi-cultural groups of delegates.

In 2009, through networking, I came across Business Fit Club. It was a great concept – a structured programme of group business training for owners of small businesses. I was invited to join the two founders as a Director to help them ‘bring the training material to life’.

I learnt a great deal about building a strong business and my passion for helping small businesses to not only survive but to thrive was ignited.

From then I started to work with owner-managed local businesses, coaching and mentoring them to align their personal goals, business goals, strategies and operational plans. Again, I found that I was helping businesses in sectors where I had no previous experience. What became very apparent was that the principles of building and managing a resilient business are universal.

Beauty, Health and Fitness, Financial Services, Home Improvement retailers, Insurance, Hospitality, Care Provider, Consultants in training, HR and IT – these are just some of the sectors where I work with the owners to untangle the strands of their business, design the new direction and support them in making it happen.

I had always wanted to write a book! The opportunity to do this came from the Directory of Social Change, a charity at the heart of the voluntary sector. Its vital role is to equip other charities to do a great job and it does this through training, funding expertise and lobbying on behalf of the sector.

DSC commissioned me to write 3 of their Speed Read series books: Time Management, Training Skills and Handling Difficult Customers.  It was a much tougher task than I expected but immensely satisfying. I’m proud to say they are still in print – and can even be bought from Amazon!

In my years of business ownership I have often wrestled with the question of which areas to specialise in. I was conscious of the potential contradiction of advising other businesses to niche, to be the specialist in their sector, while being ‘Jack of all trades’ in my own. However, my light bulb moment was realising that it is the breadth of my business experience, when packaged together, which provides the real value to clients.


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