Although my business foundations were corporate – KPMG and the Mars Corporation  – since 2005 my passion has been to develop the SME part of our business world by providing corporate quality facilitation and training.

After all, you are 99% of private sector businesses, represent  60% of all private sector employment and 47% of private sector turnover. A significant proportion!

A whizz through my background:

  • I have trained in accountancy
  • Shipped thousands of tonnes of chocolate across the globe
  • Learnt the art of sales forecasting
  • Account managed well-known retailers in the UK
  • Sold container loads of ice-cream
  • Designed and delivered sales training programmes rich with brain-friendly learning techniques and NLP
  • Created and delivered bespoke sales training for SMEs, charities and multi-national companies
  • Project managed the development and implementation of a competency framework
  • Led a coaching culture change programme
  • Created marketing strategies, marketing platforms and content for small businesses
  • Written 3 books: Difficult Customers, Time Management and Training Skills
  • Trained in Denmark, Kenya, Holland, Singapore, Australia, Ireland and UK. (My favourite was Singapore, with Australia a close second!)
  • Worked with tens of small businesses, facilitating their thinking, guiding them to growth and confidence and training their teams.

Perhaps I could have kept it simpler!

However, my broad career has put me in a great position to understand how businesses work – and how to make them work even better.

Variety and challenge have been more important than a straight career path for me.

I have a strong belief that businesses can achieve more than they think with the resources they have. Through my business experience and my facilitation, coaching and training skills I help you to do that.

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