Do you manage a team?

Do you have responsibility for sourcing team training?

We can provide ‘feet on the ground’ resource and work with you to develop team cohesiveness or we can support you in developing your own teams.

When we create cohesive teams this happens …
Individuals are more optimistic, they suffer less from social problems, anxiety and tension and they cope better with stress.
The teams get better results.
As a group, they make better decisions under pressure.
It’s an all round win.

What would you love to fix in your teams?
That they….
  • Think more strategically.
  • Collaborate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide a more joined up service to customers
  • Capture and develop untapped ideas to improve the business.
  • Recognise and work with others’ strengths and improve morale, productivity and profit.
  • Spot opportunities to work in partnership with suppliers to grow the business.
These are just some of the challenges that we help teams to fix.
Whether your teams are virtual or share the same physical space team dynamics can be improved with a direct impact on business performance.

In an initial call we will talk about your business goals, the team set up, what’s working, what’s not and what might be getting in the way.
We’ll suggest some strategies to put in place straight away – and you can test those out.
If you want some further help we create a plan for your team. This will be very specific to your challenge – and budget.
Option 1: Facilitated Team Sessions
Here we would facilitate one or a series of sessions, creatively designed to bring harmony, fun and collaboration back to the team.
Option 2: Guided Team Facilitation
This is where we provide the plan and you – or other team members – deliver the sessions. We can hold your hand virtually – supporting you from a distance before, during and after the sessions.
Call 07920 031820 or get in touch at We Can Help with a few details on what’s not working in your team.