When might you need help with Business Planning?

At the outset of a new venture when you have many decisions to make and need a framework of joined up thinking to help.

When market shifts mean your current business model isn’t delivering the results you want.

When you have loads of ideas but are unsure how to decide on the best options.

When the business has outgrown the original strategy – and it’s simply time for new thinking.

When you need to persuade stakeholders that your concept is worth investing in.

The process of creating a clear and motivating business plan is often more important than the plan itself. It can highlight unhelpful assumptions that are holding the business back and breathe new energy into day to day operations.


Our one-page Business Planning Framework has been developed over the years from experience with clients going through the same challenges as you. It holds true both for businesses and for Not for Profit organisations.

It works in tandem with our proven 5 step process of information gathering and engagement, facilitated sessions, action workstreams, refining and implementation.

Grainne is certainly all about results! However, the process she takes you on to get to your best results, is as important as the result.

She is a highly skilled coach, who is adept at asking the right questions to provoke useful reflection. She listens carefully and you end up being able to really let your imagination fly. By the same token, she knows how to keep me on track when I’m getting too creative and meandering into too many directions! This means the whole process feels light and thoroughly enjoyable, as well as focused, goal orientated and productive. Her years of experience, wisdom and warmth shine through. I could not recommend her more highly. 

Sara Brandis, Sara Brandis Coaching

“It was excellent and very helpful!”

“Grainne was really clear and made a brilliant job of demystifying what to me is a foreign – even alien – subject.”

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