Business owners typically start on a path of business coaching when they are at a pivotal point …

Facing new competition

Changing direction

Scaling up

Creating an exit strategy.

Whatever your reason, finding a coaching solution which recognises your personal objectives, moves at a pace which is manageable in your busy world, keeps you motivated and supports you when there are big decisions to make is key.

I help you see the options and test your appetite for each potential route.

My coaching approach builds both your skills and your confidence as a business leader – however ambitious or humble your goals are.

All About Results solutions will help you to:

Break the cycle of firefighting and dips and create more security.

Establish control over a business where success can seem random.

Gain greater freedom by implementing processes and systems which support the business.

Increase sales and profitability and, ultimately, personal wealth.

Create an exit strategy.

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cropped-man-and-lots-of-paper2.jpegOne to one business coaching

Working with me one to one you soon get clarity on your business direction and a strong sense of focus.

I help you create the step by step plan to achieve motivating and tangible results, identifying the resources that you’ll need and realistic timescales for each stage.

Through regular reviews, mentoring and encouragement I keep you on track. Along the way I make sure you reap the quick wins that improve profitability as well as building the longer-term strategies for a healthy business.

You will grow more confident in your business management skills and develop the ability to balance strategic thinking with operational delivery.

To understand more about how this works get in touch to arrange an initial chat.

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes with Grainne Ridge – wow!

Grainne managed to untangle my thoughts into a coherent and logical plan.
With just a few probing questions, and much listening, she really understood me and Toucan HR.

And just 24 hours later I have already benefited from my session with Grainne. My mind is much more focused on what I want to achieve, and how; now I’m eager to put it into action.
I would highly recommend Grainne Ridge to any organisation seeking to turn their business theory into business success.

Myra Tourick,  Chartered FCIPD  * HR Director * Business Partner * HR Consultant.

Business coaching groups

Trying to forge business success on your own can be especially tough. Group business coaching sessions provide not only a formula for business success and confidence but, equally importantly, support, camaraderie and shared experience.

Having a safe place to share the trials and challenges of business ownership and to then find the solutions to those challenges is priceless.

The 6 month Business Success Programme appeals to owners of small business who work best when they can share and discuss options and learn from others’ experiences, as well as the input and guidance of the coach.

A clear structure and accountability underpin the programme. Whether you are a relatively new business owner looking for consistent results or have been trading for a few years and want to find a supportive group to help you take the next step find out How the Business Success programme works

‘I felt more organised and in control. I felt supported both by the facilitator and by my peers and it meant that I felt confident enough to take decisions off-line. It created a commitment to look at my business each month, which I have continued to do. One of the clearest benefits was that it enabled me to talk about and present my proposition clearly – this was the ‘John Lewis’ effect for me!’

Lynn Flynn, Partner,  St James’ Place Wealth Management

How our Business Owners describe the business success programme