Business Skills Training

How do you tackle training?

Understanding training needs and researching training options can be immensely time consuming. When you don’t have a dedicated in-house resource this time comes from other activities which could be generating revenue.

You may want to find a training solution that is completely bespoke to your business, your team and your markets rather than a generic, off-the-shelf package.

Guidance to identify the real needs and advice on the best solutions is worth its weight in gold.

How we tackle training ….

We look at business goals and results, we consult and assess and pin point the real need.

This means that your training budget will be the investment it is meant to be, not a cost.

We design and deliver business skills training in these areas where we can, hand on heart, claim expertise

Facilitation Skills

Induction programme design

Influencing Skills

Meeting Management

Presentation Skills

Sales Confidence and Skills

Time Management

Training Skills

However, where we aren’t the experts we partner with training companies who are and point you to the best training resource and save you time. Our recommended partners for other business skills include:

Finance Business Partner Programmes
Edge Plus Global

Health and Safety
Stepping Stones for Business

Leadership and management training
Jewel Training

LinkedIn and Social Media training

To get the best return on your training budget read our article on Microsoft Word – How to make training work

For help with designing your training courses get in touch.


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