Sales Skills

Developing sales skills in a small business is particularly challenging. Not enough people to warrant a bespoke course and open courses are too generic to be of any value. We’ve come up with a smart way to develop your sales experts as well as train the rest of the team.

Sales experts

man shaking hands with womanThese are the people in your team whose sole job is to find and develop business. You recruited them into the role based on their ready-made experience and sales skills but they haven’t yet lived up to the promise. You are struggling to understand what help they need to achieve their sales objectives.

Find out how we help.


coloured pawnsSales team

Within a small business sales can be won or lost by the words or actions of any team member – not just by the salesperson. Every conversation with a prospect or customer is an opportunity to develop the relationship and build a need. When your team is tuned into these conversations new opportunities arise – and, with some skill, turned into sales.

From the first point of contact prospective customers are already in the buying cycle. How can you take control of that process and capture as many of those sales as possible?


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