Our Sales Confidence Programme is designed for freelancers, consultants and Business Owners with no formal sales experience.

We will show you how to develop your natural sales confidence and use it to win more business as well as keep the customers you already have.

What results can you expect?

A stronger pipeline of good fit leads.

Confidence in developing productive sales conversations with prospects.

Recognize more of the sales opportunities available and know how to build and convert them.

Higher conversion rates from engaged target clients.

Know how to integrate sales into the day to day activities in your business.

Throughout the programme you will build your bespoke Sales Playbook – a complete ‘How to sell guide’ for your business in your market. It means that not only will you have a best practice manual for selling that makes complete sense to you but also a training guide for your team and future salespeople you might recruit.

How does it work?

The core programme runs for 12 weeks and you will start to build your sales skills and confidence from week 1. Our support continues beyond the programme in our community of business people. Here we run additional bitesize sales training and you have many opportunities to share experiences and successes as well as get help with sales challenges and to network.

The format of the programme:

  • Weekly online and recorded live session lasting between 45 mins – 1 hour
  • Dedicated private Facebook group to support you in between sessions.
  • Live Q&A session each Friday in the private group.
  • Downloadable Sales Playbook Master and templates to build your bespoke sales manual as you work through the programme.
  • Guest speakers on topics which support sales success, including mindset, lead generation and marketing.
  • Lifetime access to programme materials.

The modules are carefully designed to reflect a natural sales process which you can apply straight away – so you won’t have to wait long to see results.

You will discover sales skills you didn’t know you had and learn how to use them naturally!

Our next Sales Confidence Programme will start on 1st February 2021.