Sales training for Business Owners, Consultants and Freelancers

Do you run a small business or sell your services directly to businesses or consumers?

As the owner of a small business, a Consultant or Freelancer you wear many hats. Perhaps the sales hat is the one you least like, or you feel that your sales technique is ‘hit and miss’.

You may have a team whose roles are broad and include the first point of contact with prospects or nurturing customers. Every conversation with a prospect or customer is an opportunity to develop the relationship and build a need. When your team is tuned into these conversations new opportunities arise – and, with some skill, turned into sales.

Sales training is most often run by archetypal salespeople and yet many small business owners struggle to relate to that persona. By contrast, I started my career in accountancy and, after roles in logistics and planning, moved to the bright light of sales and then to sales training. I could see that you didn’t have to be a born salesperson to sell. In 2005 I set up my sales training business and created a sales approach based around NLP which delivers results without selling your soul.

I work with Business Owners to develop their authentic sales approach – one which reflects their values and works in their specific market.

Sales Training Solutions

Sales Confidence Programme

A programme of sales skills development for freelancers and consultants who want to win more business and keep the customers they have.

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Selling as a Team

A series of bitesize modules to engage customer facing team members in delivering a better customer experience and converting more sales.

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