How can you engage team members in delivering a better customer experience and convert more sales?

Sales can be won or lost by the words or actions of any customer facing team member. Typically, these would be customer service, finance, logistics, service delivery and sales itself.

Every conversation with a prospect or customer is an opportunity to develop the relationship and build a need. When your team is tuned into these conversations new opportunities arise – and, with some skill, turned into sales.

What results can you expect?

Everyone in the team understands the distinct value proposition of the business and can communicate it with confidence and ease with prospects and customers.

Target markets are clear and early conversations to handle and qualify leads are succinct and productive.

Less objections arise and the team can handle those that do with empathy and a positive outcome.

The prospects experience from first touch point to sale delivery is engaging and memorable – for the right reasons.

Referrals are easily made and a good match for the business.

How does it work?

We agree the improved business outcomes you want to see and then deliver a bespoke set of bitesize sales training modules which can be run over weeks or months.

Here are some of the modules which we typically include in a team sales programme:

  • Understanding your distinct Value Propositions
  • How Buyers buy and how to match them with your sales process
  • Why qualifying customers is important and how to do it well
  • How to identify the real need and build the sales opportunity
  • Pre-empting objections and managing those which arise
  • Making a best fit proposal.

In between sessions we measure and celebrate achievements – of sales numbers, customer feedback, team confidence and process efficiencies.

We can continue to support the team with facilitation and coaching or we can provide modules for you and the team to work on without us.

This testimonial from a happy client sums it up well.

Thank you Grainne for the excellent sales training you delivered for me and my team. We all thought we knew how to do our job well enough, but recognised that there’s always room for improvement. You delivered 3 inspirational and bespoke training sessions that have given us lots of fresh ideas on how to be better at our jobs and consequently deliver a better service to our customers. Your approach was perfectly attuned to our business and style of working, and your sessions were fun, interesting and motivating. Thank you Grainne, I highly recommend you to any individual or business wanting to improve their skills and feel more confident in the workplace. Thanks to you, we now look forward to delivering a more professional service to our kitchen and bathroom customers!

Lisa Fouweather, Owner of Kitchen and Bathroom Place