Team Sales Skills

Within a small business sales can be won or lost by the words or actions of any team member – not just by the salesperson. Every conversation with a prospect or customer is an opportunity to develop the relationship and build a need. When your team is tuned into these conversations new opportunities arise – and, with some skill, turned into sales.

From the first point of contact prospective customers are already in the buying cycle.

How can you take control of that process and capture as many of those sales as possible?

In our team sales skills workshop team members learn how they can help prospects to move through the buying cycle – individually and working as a team. The results – a better customer experience, higher sales conversion rates, more profit.

How does it work?

Firstly, we look at how your sales process currently works – who is involved and how prospects or customers move through the pipeline.

Next, we listen to some of the ‘sales conversations’ that are happening now. From our research we can spot the gaps – in skills, understanding or process – that are limiting your potential sales. This research means we can tailor the specific content of the workshops to mirror your business environment.

In the initial one day workshop team members explore the buying process for their customers and learn the core skills needed to recognize and develop sales opportunities. They identify how to match their communication and activity with the customers buying steps and how to work as a team to create a seamless and positive customer experience.

For the business these insights and learnings help to shape the inbound element of the business’ sales process.

After the workshop the team set about putting into practice what they have learnt and agreed.

Around four weeks later, in a half day session, the team regroup. In this session they fine tune their sales team work and continue to build on their sales skills using some of the more challenging scenarios from real business experiences.

We can continue to support the team with coaching or you may decide to embed the new skills and practices using your own resources.

What are the key elements of the workshops?

  • The principles of customer engagement
  • Positive sales mindsets and how to adopt them
  • Understanding how people buy
  • Knowing how to influence at each state
  • Developing questioning and listening skills
  • Communicating the value of your products and services
  • Keeping the customer onside in challenging situations

How do you know if this training is right for your business?

  • Do your team members have contact with prospects and customers and simply hand them over as quickly as they can?
  • Does the ‘not my responsibility’ syndrome surface occasionally – or regularly – leaving prospects to fall between the cracks?
  • Do you have a healthy number of leads but too many drop out of the pipeline?
  • Do team members avoid so-called difficult conversations with prospects or customers?

These are some of the symptoms of under-developed team sales skills.

What next?

Get in touch and talk to us about how we could help your business generate more sales from your existing team.

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